What Are DUI Alcohol Assessments?

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What Are DUI Alcohol Assessments?

30 June 2020
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Most people have heard about or known someone who was pulled over for drinking and driving. While the process of being questioned by police is uncomfortable enough, what's more unfortunate is being arrested for driving while under the influence. DUI, or DWI as some states refer to it, is driving under the influence of any drug but usually refers to alcohol. Among the possible legal consequences for DUI such as revocation of a license, a fine, or time in prison, many people also have to complete a DUI alcohol assessment.

A DUI Assessment

A DUI or DWI assessment is a court-ordered test that people answer about their clinical and mental health relating to alcohol substance abuse. The outcome of the test will determine whether or not someone needs to seek a mental health professional. These tests are especially crucial for multiple-time DUI offenders. Many American states incorporate DUI alcohol assessments as a way for citizens to earn back their license privileges and avoid time in prison. Note, the DUI alcohol assessment will give judges more information towards determining a person's sentence and is not guaranteed to eliminate time in prison.

Aside from the legal purposes of DUI alcohol assessments, the other important reason for them is to connect the person with a mental health specialist. Individuals with test results indicating alcohol abuse will have an opportunity to seek behavioral treatment with a therapist. Whether you or someone else finds themself in this precarious situation, know that there are several benefits to taking the DUI alcohol assessment.

Test Benefits

1. Mental Health Awareness

Everyone makes mistakes, but recurring mistakes might indicate a greater underlying health problem. Early awareness can lead to the avoidance of deeper problems such as addiction.

2. Addiction

Not everyone knows whether or not they are addicted to alcohol. Undergoing an assessment can bring clarity about someone's behaviors. Once you know, you can get help.

3. Punishment

Completing a test can help people receive a shorter prison sentence or no sentence at all. Not to mention this puts them well on their way to regaining their license.

4. Future Work

For people who drive to work or provide transportation services, regaining a license is crucial for financial stability.

5. Learning Experience

While the past may not have been great, people can turn their unpleasant experience into a brighter future and a story to share with others.

For more information about DUI assessments, reach out to a professional.