Considerations Before Buying Your First Rifle

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Considerations Before Buying Your First Rifle

17 March 2023
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Are you thinking of purchasing your first-ever rifle? Even if you already own a handgun, you should know that a rifle is a different type of firearm and you will want to make sure you are prepared before you make your purchase. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing a rifle for the first time.

Know What Your Needs Are

There are different types of rifles available and they will match different types of needs or activities. What do you want to use your rifle for? A hunting rifle can help you take down a deer in the woods, a sporting rifle can help you get a high score shooting at a local range and a tactical rifle can help you protect yourself and your home. Consider your personal needs and make your first rifle purchase one that matches up well with your intentions.

Match Your Needs with the Right Caliber

One of the reasons you really want to figure out your use case for the rifle early on is that rifles come in different calibers and those calibers correspond to different activities. If you are going to be shooting large animals in the woods, you'll want a large caliber that can take down your prey on the first shot. A sporting rifle on the other hand might require a smaller caliber for when you are taking down targets across the course.

Get the Right Size for You

Beyond the caliber of the weapon, you'll also want to consider the rifle's physical size in your hands. A rifle-buying guide or your local gun shop may be able to help you find the perfect fit for your height or other measurements. You want to be able to handle the rifle cleanly and without fumbling it regardless of which activity you are using it for.

Learn Safety and Shooting Techniques

Even if you already know how to shoot a handgun, you need to know that a rifle is a bit different. You will want to take your time and learn proper safety and shooting techniques, preferably from a professional instructor. You can also read up on some of these techniques or best practices in a rifle guide for first-time buyers.

Invest in Secure Storage

A rifle is a larger weapon than a handgun and you need to make sure you have a gun safe or other means to secure it properly. It might be the law in your state but even if it's not, you need to make sure your rifle stays out of the wrong hands.

Look to a rifle guide such as The Arms Guide to learn more.