A New Way to Learn: Making the Most of Your Child's Online Elementary School

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A New Way to Learn: Making the Most of Your Child's Online Elementary School

9 February 2022
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Online learning is fast becoming a popular means of receiving an education, and elementary students are no exception! You may be wondering how to ensure your child isn't missing out on anything in the absence of an in-person learning experience. However, with a few helpful habits to put into place, your child will flourish during their virtual school year. Here are just a few ways that you can guarantee your child's online learning experience will be as effective as possible. 

Create a School Calendar

While your child's elementary school will provide a virtual calendar for the school year, creating your own will help you stay on track. Having a hard copy of your child's school calendar nearby will become a strong visual reminder of what they can expect for that day and the week ahead. Important dates including upcoming tests, assignment due dates, and holiday breaks should all be included on the school calendar. Get creative and use a color-coding system to help bring attention to these days! For example, tests can be assigned a bold orange or red filler while holiday breaks can be green, signifying a break in the school year. 

Minimize Distractions

Create a makeshift workspace for your child to devote their time to virtual learning and try to minimize outside distractions during the class session. It's important that your child is in an area that is reasonably quiet so they are able to better understand their teacher and interact with their peers. While you don't want the area to be too distracting, keep the atmosphere light and positive. Set the workspace in an area that receives natural sunlight and provide your child with the tools they need for their day. Plenty of paper, pencils, crayons, rulers, and tape are all just a few examples of school supplies that will make their day run smoother. Make the area feel sunny and colorful, providing a fun space to learn!

Get Involved

Even if your child is learning remotely, you can still get involved as a parent. Regularly speak with your child's teacher regarding their progress, concerns, or with any questions you may have. Whenever your child's school offers a virtual meeting for parents, attend with the purpose of learning all you can and staying involved in your child's progress. Stay consistent with checking in on your child's work. At the elementary age, it's quite easy to get distracted. Ensure that they are staying on track by answering their questions about topics they don't understand or helping them navigate their homework assignments. Together, their online elementary school journey will be a success!

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