How To Help Your Child Adjust To Daycare

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How To Help Your Child Adjust To Daycare

16 April 2020
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Daycare is a great resource for both parents and kids. Parents who have to work or who are balancing work and life responsibilities can get all the help that they need with childcare responsibilities. Kids can build friendships, learn and grow, and have fun during the day. While daycare is a great resource, some kids struggle with adjusting to going to daycare each day. Here are some top tips to help your child adjust to daycare: 

Visit Together

When you're introducing the idea of daycare or preschool to your child, it's a good plan to visit together. You can help them better ease into the environment by being present in the beginning. They will feel more comfortable when you're the one showing them their new space. 

Take Time Trasnitiong

It can be a lot to have your child start to go to daycare 5 days a week right from the start. For some kids, it's helpful to transition. If you're able to do so, consider having your child start out going to daycare only 2 or 3 days a week. This helps them get more used to the big change.

Get on a Schedule

It can really help to get on a set schedule. Your child will be following a schedule at preschool, so it's a good plan to follow this even on the days that you're at home with them. Make sure that they still get up at a set time on non-school days and be sure to have some set chunks of the day for eating, learning, nap time, and playtime. This helps them better adjust to the schedule while at school, too. 

Let Them Express Their Feelings

You want to show your child that you're listening and that you value their thoughts and feelings. If adjusting to preschool is tough, take time to talk through it all with them.

Be Confident When Saying Goodbye

When you drop them off at preschool each day, make sure that you do so confidently. If they sense your fear or upset, it will be easier for them to feel the same. You can help to boost their confidence by saying goodbye quickly and confidently each day.

These tips can help your child better adjust to going to daycare or preschool. If you need more guidance, do talk to the staff at your daycare to get their tips and suggestions. Over time, your child will learn to love their time spent at daycare and the friends that they meet there!

For more information, talk with the staff at a daycare near you.